Bob Parker ~ Fine Metal Artist featured at the Ozarks Art Gallery

Bob Parker writer, outdoorsman, and artist was born in 1957 in Wichita, Kansas and later moved to a farm in Western Kansas. There he developed his interest in working with metal and wood. After High School he married his wife Karen. Soon after, they made their home on a small farm in the Southern Missouri Ozarks near Raymondville. For years, Bob’s work in metal consisted of repairing equipment and fabricating useful items for farm use.

A magical thing happened one day when Bob was trying to create the image of a lions face out of an old hay bale ring skirt. As he formed the simple image, he discovered a unique patina and texture left by the cutting torch on the aged metal. His love of art and wildlife began to emerge through the torch as he began to draw and cut out other animals.Bob Parker ~ Fine Metal Canoe Artist featured at the Ozarks Art Gallery

Bob quickly began to refine this unique style of Metal Art by drawing animals and other objects with chalk on the aged metal. He used the torch to create detailed impressions of the animals and natural world he loves. Astonished by his undiscovered ability, Bob embraced his newfound artistry with passion. His style continued to unfold with detailed expressions of wildlife by joining aged metal of the past with the hot fire of the torch.

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